Tamales, Enchiladas & More

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Taquitos Plate

Corn tortillas rolled and stuffed with potatoes then topped with lettuce, creama, and salsa verda.

Enchilada Platter

Choice of 2 Enchiladas – beef potato cheese, beef and cheese, smoke chicken & cheese, cheese & potato. Served with rice and beans.

Tamale Platter

Choice of 2 tamales – pork rojo, pork verde, chicken verde, cheese tamales served with rice and beans.



Fresh avocado mixed with tomato, onion, cilantro, and jalepenos *optional

16 oz. Salsa

16 oz. Salsa (Verde or Rojo)


  • Sprite $2
  • Coca-Cola $2
  • Squirt $2
  • Pepsi $2


“Its where the masa matters” Seriously, masa made with natural ingredients. Choice of meat and veggie fillings. Better on the second day too.

Porke Verde Tamales

$25 per dozen

Rajas (Jalapeno and cheese)

$20 per dozen

Plabano and Cheese Tamales

$25 per dozen

Birria Tamales

$25 per dozen

Chicken Verde Tamales

$25 per dozen

Red Pork Tamales

$25 per dozen

Cheese Tamales

$15 per dozen


Flour tortillas dipped in our made from scratch chile guajillo ancho sauces and lightly fried to absorb the sauce into the tortilla. Filled with choices of meats or veggies.

Smoke Chicken and Cheese Enchilada

$25 per dozen

Beef/Potato/Cheese Enchilada

$25 per dozen

Potatos and Cheese Enchilada

$25 per dozen

Cheese and Jalapeno Enchilada

$25 per dozen

Regular Chicken and Cheese Enchilada

$25 per dozen

Beef & Cheese Enchilada

$25 per dozen

Cheese Enchilada

$25 per dozen


Dessert Tacos

$3 each

Dessert Tacos are $3 each and come in the following flavors: Cherry, Lemon, Strawberry Rhubarb, and Apple.

Pumpkin Tamales with 16oz Pumpkin Cream

$25 per dozen

Strawberry Tamales with Strawberry Cream

$25 per dozen

Cinnamon Apple Chimichangas

$1.50 each



$5 per quart

Pinto beans refried or whole

Salsa Verde

$5 for 16oz or $10 for quart

Pico (Rico Pico)

$5 for 16oz or $10 for quart

Traditional Pico (Diced Tomatoes, onions, jalapeños and cilantro

Salsa Rojo

$5 for 16oz or $10 for quart


$5 for quart or $15 for pan

Jasmine rice browned and cooked in my secret broth. This rice is mouth popping.